Born in 1944 in Maslinca on the island of Šolta, Croatia. Graduated at Marine school, got a degree in literature and fine arts at Teacher Training College in Split. He obtained a degree from Film Academy (FAMU) in Prague in 1971, in the class of Academy Award winner Elmar Klas. He received a Ph.D. in film directing.

From year 1971 onwards, lives and works in Zagreb. In year 1991 he left his homeland to finish the film The Decline of the Century (Testament L . Z.). From 1991 until the end of 1994 he lived in Paris. In 1992 he lived in Vienna, where he spent one year. From 1995 until 2005 he lives and works in Prague. For the last 5 years, he has been working in Zagreb (Croatia) his documentary TV serial about Tito, entitled The last Witnesses of Heritage.

He is a father of a three children from two marriages, son Ivan and the twins - son Lordan Lav and daughter Loredana.